’Water Supply and Waste Water’
Waste Water System

Waste Water System

The sewerage network make: the primary waste water network (collectors), secondary waste water network and two long sea outfalls. The primary and the secondary network were built in the period from 1960 to 2015. They were built from different materials: asbestos-cement, concrete, ceramics, steal, masonry channels and PVC. The whole length of the waste water network is 47 km:
- Primary waste water network 34.26km
- Secondary waste water network 12.89km

Two long sea-outfalls were built:
- The outfall under the Hotel ‘Galeb’, with pipes PEHDØ350/3,14 with 1500m length,
- The outfall on the Great Beach, with pipes PEHD Ø450/26,7 with 1165m length.
The underwater outflows were built in 1985.

The wastewater network of Ulcinj consists of two systems:
- Wastewater system Ulcinj-Town,
- Wastewater system Ulcinj-Great Beach.

Pipelines of the storm water network

The storm water disposal system was built in the period from 1960 till 1989. The network was built from different materials. The part of the storm water network is constructed of concrete and masonry channels (10km) and asbestos-cement and PVC pipes.