The Municipality of Ulcinj and the PE ‘Vodovod i kanalizacija’ Ulcinj are involved in two projects:

  • Project ‘Water Supply and Sanitation Adriatic Coast V’
  • Project ‘Waste Water Network Construction in areas Kodra, Totosi, Bjela Gora and Donja Bratica’

Project ‘Water Supply and Sanitation Adriatic Coast V’ Municipality Ulcinj”

The focus of this project will be on the water supply system as well as on the wastewater and storm-water disposal system in the Municipality Ulcinju. The realisation of this project will cost €20,000,000.00 (20 million euro). The funds are provided from:

  1. 1. KfW bank €20,000,000.00 (loan)
  2. 2. Donation €1,000,000.00 with which Sachsen Wasser is paid with the goal of institutional strengthening.

Consulting services for the ‘Feasibility Study of the Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal System in the Municipality Ulcinj’ is provided by the joint investment German-Montenegrin (JV) Dahlem/Dahlem Montenegro. The goal of the Consulting services for the Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal Project is to recognise investment measures for the improvement of water supply and wastewater and storm water disposal system in Ulcinj.

The participants in the process are the Government of Montenegro, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism of Montenegro, KfW bank as the financial institution, Vodacom as the agency for the implementation of the project (AIP), Municipality of Ulcinj and ViK Ulcinj. For this project the Municipal Council Ulcinj has adopted the decision to take a credit from the KfW bank. The decision was published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro Municipal Regulations (‘Off. Gaz. Montenegro Municipal Regulations‘ no 034/15 from 08.10.2015).

Water Supply System:

The water supply in the Municipality Ulcinj is achieved using the sources Brajša, Kaliman, Mide and Salč, pumping stations Gač and Klezna adn Lisna Bori system as well as via the Montenegrin Regional Water Supply System.

The realisation of the investments is foreseen in the following 3 investment phases:

Phase I (2014-2017) – foresees the following activities::

  • Non-revenue water reduction campaign (with the goal of detecting water losses in the main transmission mains, distribution network, household connections and the water meter accuracy)
  • Repair and refurbishment of the water intake of sources, including hydro-geological research
  • Repair and refurbishment of break-pressure chambers, pumping stations and reservoirs
  • Replacement and construction of new and main water lines and transition pipelines, necessary for the extension and improvement of the water supply network
  • SCADA system and measurement points
  • Further replacement and development of new main pipelines and transition pipelines in accordance with the non-revenue water campaign
  • New reservoir Đerane
  • New reservoir Brajše
  • New distribution pipeline for the Štoj area

Phase II (2018-2022) foresees the following activities:

  • Repair of PStns (phase II)
  • Replacement of main pipelines (phase I)
  • New reservoir in Bijela Gora 1
  • Extension of the reservoir in Djerane
  • Facility for water processing (phase I)
  • Measures identified in the Non-revenue Water Campaign

Phase III (2023-2027) foresees the following activities:

  • Replacement of main pipelines (phase II)
  • Extension of the reservoir Bijla Gora 1
  • Water processing facility (phase II)
  • Measures identified in the Non-revenue Water Campaign

Waste Water System

The waste water pipelines make: the primary waste water network (collectors), secondary waste water network and under water outflow.
The main goal of the project is to define investment measures which will create conditions for the optimisation of the waste water system in the Municipality of Ulcinj.
Realisation of the investment measures is split in implementation phases:

Investment phase (2018-2027) foresees the following activities:

  • Main collector from the centre of Ulcinj and PS Đerane to the intake in PS PPOV
  • Construction of the intake in PS PPOV
  • Pressure pipeline intake PS PPOV to PPOV
  • New constructions Pristan
  • Pressure pipelines Pristan PS to the main collector for wastewater
  • Repairmen of the main outflows for wastewater and storm water to the PS Pristan
  • PS for effluent for outflow of the foreseen effluent to the outflow Djerane
  • Pressure pipes from the PS for effluent to the outflow Djerane
  • Construction of new outflow Djerane
  • Reparation of the existing outflow Djerane
  • New central PPOV Ulcinj / Bratica / Kodre / Pristan / Zoganje / Velika Plaža (Donji I Gornji Štoj)
  • Introduction of waste water network Stoj
  • Extension of PPOV
  • Extension / reparation of the wastewater and draining network Ulcinj
  • Extension of PPOV

    Projekat Project on ‘Construction of Wastewater Network in Areas Kodre, Totosi, Bijela Gora and Donja Bratica’

    The project refers to the construction of 14.5 km of wastewater network in the areas Kodre, Totosi, Bijela Gora and Donja Bratica. The total costs for the realisation of the project, which refer to the construction, monitoring of construction, are estimated to €5,000,000.00 (5 million euro). The funds are provided by a loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB).

    The participants in the process are the European Investment Bank (EIB), the Government of Montenegro, the Municipality of Ulcinj and the ViK Ulcinj. For this Project, the Municipal Council of Ulcinj adopted the Decision on the Term Debt of the Municipality of Ulcinj at the EIB, the Decision was published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro (‘Official Gazette Montenegro – Municipal regulations’ no 033/15 from 02.10.2015).

    The elaboration of the field documentation and the implementation of the Project will be done through ‘Project Consulting’ DOO Podgorica (PROCON).