’Water Supply and Waste Water

The Public Communal Company was created from the Communal Administration, which worked as a branch of the Communal Authority. The newly created organisation was registered as an institution based on the order of the Unit for General Management of the Municipal Council Ulcinj No 02-1513/1 from 26.03.1959 with independent financing under the name ‘Administration for Communal Activities and Water Supply Ulcinj’.
The work scope of the Administration were: maintaining roads, streets, levees on Bojana, towns waste water, parks and green areas, graveyards, beaches, slaughterhouses, town cleaning, electricity centrals in Vladimir, and maintaining the green market in Ulcinj and Vladimir.
With the decision of the Municipality Ulcinj, No 01-2955/3 from 26.11.1990 the Public Communal Company was transformed and registered in the registry of the Commercial Court in Podgorica on 18.02.1991 under the number 13/0/91.
Based on the decision from the Board of Directors of the Public Communal Company Ulcinj No 792/1 from 21.03.2011 an approval was given for splitting the Public Communal Company in two companies. On 31.10.2012 based on the conclusion adopted on the Municipal Council Ulcinj referring to the splitting (Official Gazette Montenegro, Municipal Regulations No 6 from 21.02.2012), via a status change the Public Communal Company is split in the following two companies:
- Public Company ’Water Supply and Waste Water’ – Ulcinj
- Public Company ‘Communal Activities’ – Ulcinj
Public Company ’Water Supply and Waste Water’ Ulcinj is the legal successor of the Public Communal Company Ulcinj, after the status change of the company in accordance with the decision of the Municipal Council Ulcinj on organising the Public Company ’Water Supply and Waste Water’ Ulcinj published in the ‘Official gazette Montenegro’, No 16/07 Municipal regulations and decisions on changes and additions of the Decision on Organising the Public Company ’Water Supply and Waste Water’ Ulcinj.
In accordance with the Law on Legal Entities of Montenegro, the company was registered as a legal entity in the Central Register of the Commercial Court in Podgorica on 21.03.2012 under the registry number 8-0024464/001.

The Head Office of the Company in Ulcinj is Ul. Majke Tereze bb.
The short name for the company ‘Vodovod’ – Ulcinj
Identification number of the company: 02877449
VAT number: 82/31 –01330-0

The Management organ of the company is the Board of Directors, and the executive organ is the Director. The Board of Directors has 7 members. The chairmen and the members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the Municipal Council for a period of four years. The Director of the company, as the executive organ, is appointed by the Board of Directors and the confirmation for the appointment is provided by the Municipal Council Ulcinj.
Funds for conducting the business activities are provided from:
- Own sources of the company
- Funds from the Founder, from the budget of the Municipality Ulcinj
- Other sources determined by Law.
PC ‘Vodovod i Kanalizacija’ Ulcinj has in its activities the obligation to supply potable water as well as dispose and treat wastewater in the area of the Municipality Ulcinj, where the public water supply network is installed, that is on the area of Ulcinj, Vladimir, Valdanos, Zoganje and the rural area. The execution of the mentioned works is in direct correlation with the level of development and technical equipment of the water supply and wastewater system, available water amount, technical equipment, staff structure, training and the organisation of the Public Company, to which the mentioned systems were given for operating and maintaining.
The basic activities of the company are:
- Collecting, cleaning and distributing water,
- Wastewater disposal via draining, sewerage, disposal channels or other,
- Maintaining wastewater and storm-water channels,
- Perform connections to the water supply and wastewater network,
- Operate and maintain water and wastewater facilities such as pumping stations and reservoirs,
The mentioned activities have the character of activities of public interest and represent an irreplaceable requirement for life and work of the citizens, legal and other entities on the territory of the Municipality Ulcinj.